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Meet our catalogue of counterfeit detectors. Protect yourself against possible fraud with our counterfeit detectors. 100% reliability.

In addition, when buying online counterfeit detectors is important to know the most important features before choosing the detector model most appropriate for your business counterfeits.

Approval, speed, convenience, updating, verification, battery, currencies analyzed and of course the price are the most important features when choosing the counterfeit detector that best suits you.

Counterfeit detectors

Having Counterfeit detection devices with a desirable high reliability can make the difference for any company whose clients pay significant amounts in cash. There is nothing better than having a dedicated company specialised in this field to implement in your establishment a machine with a strong ability to discover illegal money, without neglecting the importance of a smooth operation.

Detectalia can provide all this, since we have been manufacturing machinery with the latest technology for cash management for more than a decade. This includes both our  counterfeit detector models and the banknote and coin counters that are at your disposal as well. The guarantees for the high performance of our products are not simply granted by our company, but many of our products (12 models) have been successfully tested (

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What are the features that make our counterfeit detectors a benchmark in the market, that is present even in the facilities of some of the most important companies in the retail sector worldwide? We develop models having a remarkably compact design that can be updated using a simple method (for example, a method for the recognition of the new euro banknotes) and, above all, having the ability to instantly analyze up to seven essential characteristics to determine the authenticity of the inserted banknote.

Thanks to our online shop you can easily order the device that will allow you to stop worrying about this important aspect as for the running of your business.In addition, you can take a look at the rest of our catalogue, that includes for example a highly effective coin counter at a competitive price.

Apart from counterfeit detectors, we also offer banknote counters and coin counters.