Coin counter Detectalia M5

Coin counter Detectalia M5

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Coin counter and sorter with functions for total sum, partial sum and stops. The coin holders have a capacity of:

€0.01 - 150 coins
€0.02 - 150 coins
€0.05 - 100 coins
€0.10 - 100 coins
€0.20 - 100 coins
€0.50 - 100 coins
€1.00 - 100 coins
€2.00 - 100 coins

We must emphasize
  • Automatically counts and separates coins
  • Accepts all types of € coins
  • Accepts mixed coins
  • With total sum function
  • With partial functions
  • With stop function
  • 4-year guarantee only for purchases made on
  • Free today, the portable counterfeit banknote detector, valued at €19
máquina de contar monedas

Coin counting machine

The Detectalia M5 is our most popular coin counter, thanks to the facilities it has to offer for resolving this important task, and thereby saving you time and effort. Deposit up to 500 different value coins in the tray, press the START button and the machine counter will begin to automatically sort and count the coins without any margin of error, while you dedicated your valuable time to other task.



The electric screen will indicate the value in real time. As the coin counting machine counts and sorts the coins, it will send them to their corresponding containers sorted by value. The powerful professional coin sorter will save you a lot of work time. Imagine what it would entail to count all the money your business produces in your sales office coin by coin.


Detailed report

The speed of our coin counting machine is 250 coins per minute, and the machine can hold approximately 500 coins at one time. You can add more coins to the counting machine while it is sorting. It is not necessary to wait for it to finish processing 500 coins to be able to add more. Once the task is completed, the screen will indicate the total value of the money counted and the partial values of each type of coin. The sorter carries out this task totally professionally under the strictest control system.

rogramación de paradas o lotes

Compatible with € currency and with automatic stop

It makes everything easy. It has an entry tray with capacity for up to 500 coins and recognises and sorts all types of euro (€) coins. If you need to make bags or pouches with a determined number of coins, the stop selection on our machine will allow you to select the quantity required for it to stop.

4 años de garantía

4 year guarantee

Purchases made at will allow you to extend the guarantee from 2 to 4 years free of charge. Other products obtained in any other store will not have this extension. The 4 year guarantee is offered from 21 August 2018.

Contenido de la caja del contador de monedas M5

In the box

  • Detectalia M5. With resistant and weight adjusted plastic casing.
  • Manual for the coin counter in Spanish, French, Italian, English, German and Portuguese.
  • Free portable counterfeit banknote detector only available from


Coin counters count and sort your money. Each type of coin, whether it is one, two, five, ten, twenty or fifty centimes of a euro, or a one or two euro coin, they are separated and sorted into their respective containers.

It has an opening at the top and containers into which the sorted coins fall according to value based on their diameter. The coins drop through their respective exit points and the sensors send the information to the internal processor which then sends the results to the external electronic screen.

Coin counting machines initially began to be useful to banking institutions for counting and sorting all kinds of coins that were deposited in their branches, particularly those paid in by their clients. Little by little, the coin counters began to become popular and arrived at the large stores, such as supermarkets and department stores and, finally, into small businesses of all types who work with moderate amounts of money in cash. In summary, we could say that a coin counter and sorter saves you a lot of the time which you would need to count and sort the coins manually one by one.


Although this is not a professional coin sorter, as it is not recommended for companies with a high volume of work, it is the best in relation to quality and price. When choosing between all coin sorting machines for euro coins (and other currencies) on the market, it is necessary to know which ones are best adapted to your needs. Establish if you need a sorter as well as a counter. The speed at which it is able to count, the accessories it comes with, and if these are sold separately or if they are included in the price. The resistance of its feeder motor and sorter and verify that it can sort correctly. Of course, it is also convenient to know the company that sells the conting machine, its prices and any offers it is making, its sales policy, that is has customer service department, if you will periodically receive a new model, and the speed of delivery of your orders. In summary, it needs to be a professional company that can guarantee quality, reliability and that it works.

Detectalia M5
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