Not all counterfeit banknote detectors are reliable. If a model has EC certification, it does not imply that it will detect all counterfeit notes in circulation. In fact, some sellers used this term to gain clients’ trust. The significance of a machine being EC certified is equivalent to saying that it is suitable for sale in Europe, but it does not establish any relationship with the reliability of detection.

  • All our products have surpassed trials by the European Central Bank.
  • You can check the published trials at

The company


Since 2001, with 100% Spanish capital and a headquarters in Monóvar (Alicante, Spain) Detectalia has manufactured and sold machines for handling cash with the objective of increasing levels of security in companies and reducing the time used handling cash. Among our products you will find:

  • Banknote detectors, counters, adding machines and sorters.
  • Counters, sorters and packaging machines.


“We are very happy with how the detectors work. We have them in all the groups’s shops.

Juan José del Amo, ZARA

“Thanks to the coin counters we can cash up really easily and without errors.

Alicia Remiro, DECATHLON