Detectalia is a leading provider of Cash Handling and Security Solutions for the Retail, Banking and Leisure markets etc. We are manufacturers of:

  • Banknote detectors and counters
  • Coin counters

Our solutions help your business to increase profitability of cash transactions, deterring fraud and creating management information.



Most of our products are designed to speed up the counting, moving and crediting of cash to increase your profit and save time.

  • As a European Bank Equipment Manufacturer we can customise any of our models to suit our customers' needs. We offer high-end products with European quality and design. Our machines are tested by the European Central Bank.

Detectalia products are well known throughout Europe for their quality, reliability, ease of use and competitive prices.



In addition, we are constantly selecting the best products from leading manufacturers which:

  • Enhance customer service.

  • Reduce cost

  • Improve security and loss prevention

  • Provide accurate, up to date management information



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9:15 am - 2:00 pm

Ready for new banknotes
Ready for new banknotes
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