European Central Bank Test

Pruebas oficiales del BCE


Due to the emergence of companies with ambiguous or fraudulent information relating to the detection of counterfeit banknotes, you should be aware that if the machine description does not indicate that it has been satisfactorily tested (, the seller cannot guarantee the full detection of counterfeit banknotes.

Which machines can you trust to detect counterfeit banknotes?

Every day there are more counterfeit banknotes in circulation, and their quality is improving. The quality of counterfeit banknotes has become so high that it is impossible to distinguish counterfeit notes from the originals without a quality detecting machine.The large variety of devices that exist on the market (felt tip pens, UV detection lamps, copies of brand marks, etc.) and the difference in price of these, lead us to ask about the degree of reliability of the different types of checking devices.

Not all counterfeit banknote detectors are reliable. If a model has EC certification it does not imply that it can detect all the counterfeit banknotes in circulation. In fact, some sellers use these terms to win their clients’ trust. The significance of a machine having an EC certificate is equivalent to saying that it is suitable for sale in Europe, but it does not have any relationship with the reliability of the detection.

  • Thanks to the European Central Bank, we can find the ideal machines for this important task. The ECB carried out an official trial to guarantee the reliability of these devices, and they have published the trial results on their official website

All the models manufactured and distributed by Detectalia have been tested satisfactorily ( and are currently the leaders in Spain, as well as one of the most important companies in Europe for cash handling machines.