Reimbursement of fake banknotes not detected

Reintegro de falsificaciones no detectadas

Reimbursement of fake banknotes not detected

At Detectalia we are so sure of our forged banknote detectors that if one of our products fails to detect a forged banknote we will refund the value of the note.Valid for models D7X, D7T+ and V800.

How do you detect a false banknote?

A banknote can be inserted into the detector in any of four directions, with the front facing in either of two directions or with the reverse also in two different directions, as can be seen in the following figures:

For a suspicious banknote to be considered counterfeit, it should be rejected when inserted in any of the 4 possible directions.

What is a suspected forged banknote? How many types of banknotes are there?

We use the definition suspicious banknote because all banknote detection devices, except for banknote recyclers, can only detect genuine or false banknotes, and there are really three types of banknotes in circulation:

1. Genuine

2. False

3. Defective, deteriorated or those with manufacturing flaws

Only banknote recyclers can detect the defective ones, that is, if they have banknote handling equipment for banks, which is expensive with prices above 15000€

What our D7X, D7T and V800 banknote detectors guarantee is that they will NOT validate a forged banknote as a genuine one, whether the banknote is defective or not.

How to correctly insert a banknote into a detector?

For the D7X and D7T detectors, insert the banknote straight on the right hand side as shown in the following figure:

For the V800 model, centre it in the device entry.

Further information is available in the manual for each model.

Are many genuine banknotes rejected?

The sensors in the banknote detectors are sensitive to:

  1. The way these are inserted, as explained above.
  2. The dirt that has accumulated on them. We recommend that the internal sensors on the device are cleaned regularly as indicated in the user manuals.
  • For the D7X and D7T+ lift the cover to access the interior and use a cotton bud.
  • For the V800 we recommend cleaning with pressurised air.

Further information is available in the manual for each model.

Has a forged banknote not been detected?

If you believe that one of the D7X, D7T+ or V800 models has not recognised a forged banknote, notify us using the following form.


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