All our prices are listed without VAT. As a spanish company Detectalia is obliged to charge a standard VAT rate on all our orders. However, if your company is based in Europe and has a legitimate VAT number, you may be exempted from the additional VAT charge.

When completing your order, please enter a valid VAT number in the required field. Your VAT number will immediately be checked by the VIES Validation Service If your VAT number is valid you can complete your order without being charged the VAT amount. If you do not enter a (valid) VAT number, you must pay the relevant VAT amount.

If the VIES database is not able to verify your VAT number, you can still complete your order without being charged with the VAT amount, but your order will be put on hold and manually checked by Detectalia. If the supplied VAT number is invalid, an email will be sent to you with the request to either correct the provided number or pay the outstanding VAT amount.

Your VAT number can be invalid due to the following reasons:

1. The provided VAT number does not exist.
Something small like a simple typo could make your VAT number appear as invalid. Please check if you have entered all the digits correctly.

2. The provided VAT number is not valid for transactions between different EU countries.
Some European countries such as Italy require an extra registration to activate the VAT number for international transactions within the EU. Please consult your local authorities to see if your VAT number is valid for cross-border EU transactions. If your VAT number has to be activated please wait until the number is processed to complete your order.

Please make sure to double check your VAT number when placing your order on the Detectalia website. If you require more information about the European VAT ruling, please visit:

Deliveries to countries outside the EU always incur a 0% VAT rate. In addition to the copy of your invoice we send you by e-mail, we will add a copy to your shipment for customs use.

A VAT number is a unique number that is connected to a specific business entity. Basically a change of a VAT number means a change of a business entity. If you create an account on the Detectalia website and your purchases are of a corporate nature, please ensure that you register your account with your correct VAT number. Subsequent changes are no longer possible, as your account is linked to the VAT number you entered during your registration. A change in your VAT number is a change in your business entity, resulting in a change of your account on the Detectalia website.