Open Plasma Ion Cluster Money Sterilizer

€595.00 tax excl.
Open Plasma Ion Cluster Money Sterilizer


Open Plasma Ion Cluster Money Sterilizer

€595.00 tax excl.

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World’s First Open Sterilizer

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Contents of the box

Contents of the box


World’s First Open Sterilizer
Kills viruses, bateria, etc on Currency,Checks, Coins and Canisters
If it fits in machine – will kill the bugs!
Plasma Ion Cluster – releases 10 million ion clusters
De-dusting – Deodorizing – Decontaminating
Quick Sterilization Using – Plasma Ion Cluster
Sterilization upon counting bills
Time: (20 sec – 98% / 30 sec – 99.9% Sterilization
Sterilization harmless to human body
No Ozone Produced
Hand Sterilization
4-6 week lead time on delivery


Has the ability to penetrate with its sterilization when counting bills.
Applied HEPA Filter to remove fine dust (PM2.5) on bills
Tilted slot – ergonomic design
Easy to insert bills and shoot by camera
Release more than TEN MILLION of Plasma Ions
High efficiency sterilization design
Plasma Money Sterilizer operates by auto recognition upon inserting bills
Semi-permanent high efficiency Plasma Money Sterilizer
Built-in communication UTP and Power Line
Automatic Sterilization Timer Setting
Low Maintenance Cost
Two Sizes to Choose – Single Pocket and 2-Pocket Counter Size


Auto-recognition sensor – works upon inserting bills
Antibacterial HEPA filter – fitted with HEPA filter removing fine dust (PM2.5) on bills
Plasma Ion Custer vent – circulating type sterilization – Release Plasma Ion Cluster
Automatic Timer Setting
UTP/POWER – built-in Communication Line

This Sterilizer also cleans (sterilizes) Bank Drive-up Canisters


Place canister in unit – kill the viruses, etc – return cleaned canister to customer